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A Cut Above: Wearing and Caring for Crocodile Sneakers and Shoes

A Cut Above - Wearing and Caring for Crocodile Sneakers and Shoes

Guess what? Sneakers are not just for the gym anymore.

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The old days when Converse All-Stars were the only sneaker to wear are over. Sure, Converse is still as hot as ever, but Converse and several of the other name brands in athletic footwear are making sneakers that rock with any outfit, including suits. Some men never thought they would see the day when footwear like crocodile mens exotic skin sneakers became dress shoes, but that day is here.

Crocodile Sneakers and Other Fancy Footwear

For sneakers to be knighted as dress shoes, men should follow these rules that ensure their place as dress royalty:

  • Buy sneakers that fit your current wardrobe. If you buy a pair of crocodile sneakers, you’d better own the threads that make those bad boys stand out.
  • Pick the event or occasion that suits wearing sneakers with your sick outfit. Before you wear a crocodile sneaker to a special event, your wardrobe for that event must be spot-on, and your grooming habits must shine. If your outfit fits like socks on a rooster, then the sneaker wearing thing goes up in smoke. Plus, your attire should be a style statement, not just a fashion statement.
  • The most important rule is, your sneakers must be clean. Cleaning the laces, brushing the outsoles with a fine brush, and then washing them with a mild detergent, plus using saddle soap on the upper leather are critical dress functions.
  • Your sneakers must not stink. The odor factor can negate any good will you get from cleaning the uppers of a badass pair of crocodile sneakers. There are several products on the market that can get rid of sneaker bad breath.
  • Wear your sneakers without the extra bling. A pair of high-top black crocodile sneakers, or a low-cut white crocodile and ostrich combination will make any outfit rock, especially if the outfit is not on the edge of clownery.

Why You Should Avoid Shopping Just One Brand

The question most men have when they want to wear sneakers for dress shoes is what brand is the best brand to wear with a suit or a sports jacket? The answer is personal. Most men buy a sneaker brand that fits them better, looks better on their feet, and feels more comfortable than other brands. Most of the top brands sell sneakers in exotic leathers, and those sneakers tend to be the best choices.

Color also plays a role when sneakers become dress shoes. Sneakers in the tan family, and sneakers in red, navy, and even yellow can be great dress choices. But colors can also ruin the vibe if they don’t compliment the pants, shirt, and jacket in some way.

Men should know how to accessorize, so they don’t look like a neon sign sitting in front of a roadside diner when they wear a pair of crocodile sneakers. Most men pick a basic color crocodile and leather sneaker when they want to make an impression.

If you have avoided wearing exotic leathers in the past, now is the time to give them a try. Crocodile footwear has always been dress footwear, and when crocodile is part of a sneaker, it shows the sneakers royal dress roots the right way. For advice on the the best croc and alligator shoes online, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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A Cut Above - Wearing and Caring for Crocodile Sneakers and Shoes

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