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No Blister Zone: Easy Ways to Break in Flat Toe Cowboy Boots

We all know breaking in a pair of cowboy boots can be a tortuous endeavor. (Read More Below Products)

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Your feet can end up swollen and full of blisters after just one hour of wear on the first day. And things probably won’t get much better the second day. The truth is, breaking in cowboy boots is hard work in most cases. Although attractive, those flat toe cowboy boots are always tight. But, if cowboy boots weren’t tight in the toes and around the calf, they wouldn’t be cowboy boots.

Flat Toe Cowboy Boots


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Why Flat Toe Cowboy Boots are Flat

Flat toe cowboy boots are flat for a reason. They conform to certain brand dimensions. Plus, flat toe boots were originally for horseback riding, not for walking. Walking was not as important as riding a horse in the golden days of boot wearing. Even though that scenario is different now, bootmakers like to stick to the way they do things.

Here are four ways to break in a pair of long toe or flat toe boots without putting your feet through the pain:

Boot Stretch Spray

There is a boot stretch spray on the market. It will give your feet more room across the top and sides. A boot stretch spray can help make the shafts more comfortable in a short amount of time. Be sure to get the right spray for your type of leather, though.

Boot Stretchers

A boot stretcher is another great tool for giving your feet more room in flat toe cowboy boots. Boot stretchers have an impact on boot leather. But, some men will not get the fit they expect if a boot stretcher. The best part is, you can use a boot stretcher at home. That is the motivation for most guys to try it.

Heat and Steam

The heat and steam method is another old remedy for tight boots. This method can be a home remedy. Heating boots over a pot of boiling water, then wearing them until they are not hot is an easy way to break in boots. But do note that there is a risk of leather damage. Some men like to use a hair dryer or they soak the boots in hot water, but those remedies can cause damage.

Professional Help

The fourth and best way to avoid boot damage and feet blisters is to go to a professional to break in a pair of flat toe cowboy boots. A boot cobbler has the experience, tools and ability to identify exactly where the boots are too tight. Stretching specific areas of the boots keeps the integrity of the boots intact. It also keeps your feet safe and comfortable.

If you love to stay warm by wearing mens boots and/or western footwear styles, but they aren’t comfortable, consider stretching them. But remember, leather cowboy boots are an investment you will wear for years. For best results, make sure you have a professional stretch them for you.

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