Alligator Mall Exotic Leathers,Exotic Sneakers Alligator Shoes with Eyes: Wearing Something Prehistoric

Alligator Shoes with Eyes: Wearing Something Prehistoric

Alligator Shoes with Eyes - Wearing Something Prehistoric

Just like cowhide, alligator hides are tough enough for the tanning process. Mens exotic skin shoe designers around the world always have at least two or three alligator leather shoes and boots in their collections because men love them.

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The love for alligator shoes with eyes started in the 1920s, and that love is warmer and fuzzier in this century.

Fascinating Alligator Facts 

Alligators are resilient creatures. They popped up out of nowhere 66 million years ago. There are millions of these big reptiles swimming in rivers, lakes and oceans all over the world. An average adult gator weighs more than 700 pounds and is more than 13 feet long. Gators are black or dark olive-brown with a white underbelly.

A Crystal Clear Fashion Statement

One of the latest love stories between men and alligators is the introduction of alligator shoes with eyes. Shoe designers are putting crystal alligator eyes on the eye stays of brogues these days. A Hornback alligator, four eyelet, lace-up brogue on a comfort polyurethane bottom is turning heads in the fashion world.

Eyes, Teeth and Laces

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Some of these casual lace-up brogues have gator-type eyes, and in some cases, gator teeth are in both quarters of the shoes. Eyes and teeth take exotic leather shoes to another level for fashion-conscious men. But gator shoes may not be for all men. In order to wear a pair of these bad boys, men must march to the beat of progress.

They must throw away antiquated beliefs about footwear and join the new men’s shoe movement that claims uniqueness and quality as their biggest assets. This is the time to dump the staleness and restrictions when it comes to buying shoes. This is the age of exploration and discovery in fashion and in style. Mens alligator shoes with eyes make a strong, bold statement.

Alligator Shoes

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Men’s alligator shoes are the perfect symbol of style, class and uniqueness. These shoes always make a strong and bold statement.

For Risk Takers and Style Shakers

Individuals who live to experience the finer things in life are the ultimate risk takers and style shakers. Gator shoes with eyes are on fleek. Men who wear them tell the world they are free and uninhibited. They march to a different fashion drummer that makes them style conscious and motivated.

But alligator shoes with eyes aren’t the only game in town for these risk takers. They cross the judgmental land of the timid and they wear exotic pants and shirts. They are in freestyle mode, and they are in the world of individual glamour. And the good news is that world is open for all men.

Alligator Shoes with Eyes - Wearing Something Prehistoric

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