Alligator Mall Blue Boots,How To Blue Cowboy Boots in the Snow: Winter Fashion FAQs for Men

Blue Cowboy Boots in the Snow: Winter Fashion FAQs for Men

Blue Cowboy Boots in the Snow - Winter Fashion FAQs for Men

Wearing a pair of dress boots, blue cowboy boots or a pair of casual Chukka boots to work or to a special event is part of the modern-day dress code.

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Men wear boots in every season, but wearing boots in the winter can take a heavy toll on the upper material and the soles of dress and casual boots. Even though the winters are not as cold and snowy as years past, they can still be rough on a pair of boots, even if they are cold weather boots.

Water Resistant Vs. Waterproof

Some men say wearing a pair of blue cowboy boots in the snow is like wearing a pair of dress boots in a swimming pool, and they might be right. Nothing good comes from wearing a pair of leather western boots in the snow, unless you treat them with a solution that makes them water resistant.

Water resistant is not the same as waterproof. The products that make boots water resistant help maintain the leather for a short time. Most tanned leather is not waterproof. Some boot companies say their leather boots are waterproof because there is a tanning process that keeps the water from soaking into the leather.

Blue Cowboy Boots

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A pair of casual Chukka boots, or blue boots are the winter fashion statement for die hard cowboy boot fans.

Blue Cowboy Boots and Beyond

The question about how to wear boots in the fall and winter is more subjective than objective. Men usually find a pair of dress boots with lug soles for traction and an upper leather that has a water-resistant solution in the leather. Other men turn to synthetic materials like nylon, polyurethane and vinyl, so their boots are waterproof. A quality synthetic material boot is a great alternative if a man lives in a part of the country where snow and rain are the norm, instead of the exception.

Most men who want to wear boots that look good in the snow wear hiking boots. They tuck their trousers into the high shaft version of the hiking boot, and they proudly wear those boots. Other men put on above-the-ankle, rough leather hiking boots, and they wear pants that fit tightly around the ankle.

There are men who still want to wear their black, brown or blue cowboy boots, no matter what the weather. Those men are die-hard cowboy boot fanatics. If the only option is to put on a pair of blue cowboy boots and wade through two feet of snow, then so be it. But those men should know their boots should at least be water resistant. Walking through two feet of snow is not fun for any man, especially when his feet get wet. Find these and more great deals on mens alligator shoes by shopping our online store.

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