Alligator Mall Black Boots,Boot Toe Shapes Find Your Best Fit: Shopping for Mens Long Toe Cowboy Boots

Find Your Best Fit: Shopping for Mens Long Toe Cowboy Boots

Shopping for mens cowboy boots can be confusing and frustrating because the cowboy boot is not just one boot. (Read More Below)

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Cowboy boots come in an assortment of toe shapes, leathers and heel heights. Not all cowboy boots fit the same way. Boot brands have different treads, throat openings, toe springs and girth measurements. All of those measurements impact fit. One boot men find particularly challenging to shop for are long toe cowboy boots. If you love this look, but have no idea how to shop for them, here are some tips to help.

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Are Long Toe Cowboy Boots for You? 

Some men have a hard time wearing the standard cowboy toe shape. The pointed-toe boot is a bit restrictive in terms of toe comfort. There are variations of the pointed-toe boots that give your toes more room, so it is important to try on different toe shapes. There is a pointed-toe boot to fit most men, but it may take you some time to find the right one.

Long toe cowboy boots are the boots that most men like to wear these days. The winkle-picker look is a fashion statement, and the long toe boots fit right in with that style. The long toe boot may fit tightly for men who have a high instep or a wide foot. For example, if a man’s foot size is 12 E, the long toe boot may feel tight at first, but some men with that size can break them in without any discomfort. Most boots have a breaking in factor, and that should be part of your decision process.

What About Wide Feet?

The round toe cowboy boot is a better choice for men with a wider foot. The round toe shape gives the toes more room, so the breaking in time is not as long. The Roper boot is a good example of a round toe boot. Roper boots are casual and comfortable, and they are great for long walks.

The popular square toe cowboy boot is the fashion king of the Western boot industry. Square toe cowboy boots come in several square toe shapes, so finding a good fit can be an issue. A narrow, square toe can feel tight, but a broad square toe fit is comfortable for most men. The thing to remember about toe shapes is that not all foot shapes fit into the narrow toe shapes of some boots.

A good example is the flat toe cowboy boot. Men with a high instep or men with high arches may not like the fit of the flat toe or long toe cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are like wine. Some boots fit better than others because of brand specifications and manufacturing procedures. It’s important to research and slip your foot into several boot brands and toe shapes before making your final buying decision.

Long Toe Cowboy Boots


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