Alligator Mall Black Boots Styling Tips for Men: Wearing Footwear Like Black Lace Up Boots

Styling Tips for Men: Wearing Footwear Like Black Lace Up Boots

Styling Tips for Men - Wearing Footwear Like Black Lace Up Boots

Let’s face it – boots are versatile and useful, but they look great, too.

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Because men who wear boots are ready for anything, boot wearing has withstood the test of time. Most noteworthy, paintings of men wearing Neolithic boots were found in caves in Spain. Furthermore, every culture in the world has their own version of boots, but our 21st-century culture takes mens boots to another level. Black lace up boots are a good example of that.

Not Just for Hunter Gatherers

First of all, men’s boots are not just for modern-day hunter-gatherers. In fact, boots are fashion, biker, cold weather, cowboy and hiker statements. Furthermore, boots are on the feet of men in almost every corner of the world. In addition, they have a certain panache that serves this modern society in the good fashion times and in the bad. Black lace up boots were Harley-friendly in the 1950s. Also, engineer boots, black leather jackets and Levi jeans gave men the outlaw look they wanted to show their wild side. As a result, that look is a fashion statement and it seems like some men spend their weekends in leather boots.

Black Lace Up Boots are Not Just for Bikers

Furthermore, black lace up boots are not just for bikers, and in the 1970s, the Frye Company gave men even more boot options. Consequently, the old Frye with its banana color leather gave the square toe, modified Cuban heel and western-inspired boot a new position on the fashion wheel. Most of all, that boot was a hit in New York City and every other big city in the country 40 years ago. Men couldn’t believe they could wear a pair of western type boots to work and get away with it, but they did.

Black Lace Up Boots

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Boots Scream Americana

It seems like there’s something about a man in a denim shirt and a pair of black lace up work boots that screams Americana. While Ralph Lauren had something to do with giving work boots a place on the best-dressed list in the 1980s, fashion designers came up with new versions of the black suede, three eyelet Chukka boot. In addition, they also redesigned the pull-on, pointed toe Chelsea boot, as well as the lug sole, D-ring lace-up hiking boot. Hence, those boots gave men a dose of real retro footwear.

What to Wear with Black Lace Up Boots

Black lace up boots, like the suede Chukka and the pointed toe Chelsea boot are cool, yet vintage. That means men can wear those boots with almost anything and the same thing is true for western-inspired boots. Black lace up boots come in dressy styles that come in all shaft heights and toe shapes are fashion leaders once again.

Men are wearing brown or black lace up boots with shorts or a pair of torn jeans. A man in a suit who is wearing a pair of calf leather, pull-on, pointed toe dress boots is fashion forward. The best part about boots is their versatility and range of styles. Men can choose whatever boots they want to express themselves, so surely, the boot has gone way beyond functionality for modern men.

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Styling Tips for Men - Wearing Footwear Like Black Lace Up Boots

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