Alligator Mall Black Boots,Boot Toe Shapes Western Wear: Why Classics Like J Toe Cowboy Boots Still Rule

Western Wear: Why Classics Like J Toe Cowboy Boots Still Rule

The good news is, you don’t have to own a horse to wear cowboy boots.(Continue Reading Below)

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The bad news is, cowboy boots can be tricky to pull off if you’re not living in Texas, New Mexico or California. Wearing cowboy boots can be tricky because men need the confidence to strut around in those bold styles. They include J toe cowboy boots, as well as those ostrich and crocodile leather boots.

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Classic J Toe Cowboy Boots are Conversation Makers

Cowboy boots aren’t for guys who don’t like to be conversation generators. Cowboy boots are conversation items. No matter who is wearing them, they always make a statement without ever saying a word.

Mens J Toe Cowboy Boots

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The key to wearing J toe cowboy boots or long toe cowboy boots is confidence. The ironic thing is, J toe cowboy boots have confidence built into their DNA. If you trace the history of cowboy boots, you’ll find a group of hardworking, dedicated and confident men blazing new paths in unknown territories. You’ll find records of men doing extraordinary things, like risking life and limb just to survive in their boots. Hence; we have the old saying, “They died with their boots on.”

What to Wear with Western Boots

Cowboy boots give men instant style. It doesn’t take a lot to put an outfit together that completes the cowboy boot style. The reason is the versatility of Western boots. Western boots have different toe shapes, heels and shaft designs. The shaft designs tell a story about the man wearing them. The story is on display through the man’s choice of clothing, too.

The quintessential cowboy boot look today is a pair of jeans, and a T-shirt or Oxford cloth dress shirt. Some men carry their style a step further. In fact, they wear tan cowboy boots with a three-piece beige linen suit. Or they try a pair of black alligator boots with a black suit, colorful vest and string tie. That look evokes visions of James Garner as Bret Maverick. And no man was cooler, or more subtly macho than Bret Maverick.

So, J toe cowboy boots never go out of style. Men like to put on a pair of slick boots to do everything, from feeding the chickens to visiting the White House. Footwear comes and goes in a never-ending cycle in the fashion industry, but mens cowboy boots are not part of that cycle. In closing, they stand on their own, and they help men stand with confidence, too.

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