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Snip Toe Cowboy Boots: Wearing Western Footwear in Comfort

Comfort can be an elusive companion, especially when snip toe cowboy boots are part of your daily wardrobe. (Read More Below)

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Your feet have important dimensions for you to consider when boot shopping, other than just the foot size you may use to buy a pair of shoes. Those other dimensions are key variables, and all shoe manufacturers have standard dimensions. They also make cowboy boots adhere to those dimensions. If you think you cannot wear snip toe cowboy boots, think again. Here is some information to help you find a pair you’ll never want to take off.

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Snip Toe Cowboy Boots and Beyond: Footwear Making Standards

Even though most feet have a dimension or two that are not in sync, manufacturers follow the rules of volume boot making, and they use their own standards. Those standards may be good for keeping production costs and productivity in line, but they fail to provide a lot of men with the level of comfort they want in a pair of boots.

A good example is snip toe cowboy boots. The manufacturing dimensions of snip toe boots do not conform to the dimensions of most feet. But that doesn’t stop some men from buying these fashion statements. Men who wear snip toe, long toe, pointed toe, and square toe boots learn a few tricks to make them more comfortable.

How to Wear Snip Toe Cowboy Boots Every Day in Comfort

Some men must wear boots every day, and to do that, they should follow these rules:

  • Pick a toe shape and boot shaft that fits. The first rule is picking a toe shape that fits, and a boot shaft that doesn’t scratch or irritate the calf. Finding a cowboy boot that exactly fits your foot is a challenge, but finding a boot that fits in the heel, and is loose at the top, but a little tight in the toes is a good start.
  • Break your boots in slowly. Once the fit feels almost right, the breaking in process begins. Breaking boots in requires a pair of good quality, clean socks and a little time. Boots should be on the feet for an hour a two a day for about seven days before they are ready to wear all day.

Some Final Boot Tips

Besides the boots, try buying:

  • A gel-filled insole. The insole and the sock lining are important boot elements, and they make up the second rule in getting boots to fit comfortably. All boots have some sort of insole, and most of them are removable. Replacing the factory insole with a gel-filled insole will make a big difference in the comfort of a boot.
  • More than one pair of boots. This is the most important rule for men who wear snip toe cowboy boots or other toe shapes every day. The rule is to have more than one pair of boots. Men who have two or three pairs of cowboy boots can wear them for different occasions, and with different clothing. Wear one pair for one or two days and then switch to another pair for one or two days. That routine will help your feet adjust quicker to the dimensions of the boots without causing foot issues or blisters.

Mens cowboy boots are a fashion statement, but they can be uncomfortable if you don’t take the time to break them in first. It only takes a bit a time and effort to make sure your boots feel and look great, too.

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