Alligator Mall Exotic Leathers Shark, Alligator and Sea Turtle Boots: A Lesson on Exotic Leathers

Shark, Alligator and Sea Turtle Boots: A Lesson on Exotic Leathers

Most men and women don’t know a lot about shoe and boot making. (Continued Below)

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For some reason, shoe and boot making doesn’t warrant the interest that automobile making and house building warrants. Even though shoe and boot making is somewhat of a mystery, everyone knows the best boots and shoes come from exotic leathers. Shark, alligator and sea turtle boots and shoes not only look great, they last a long time.

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Leather is the main ingredient in most good quality boots. Knowing what animal hides make the best leather boots is important.

Exotic Leather Boots

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Beyond Sea Turtle Boots and Shoes: Types of Exotic Leathers

Calfskin has always been the number one choice when it comes to making shoes and some boots. Calfskin has a tighter fiber and grain, and it is thinner than cowhide. Kidskin from goat hides is another popular leather. But cowhide is the most widely used leather in the shoe and boot industry. There is only so much a shoe designer can do with cowhide, calf, and kidskin.

That’s why shoe designers create sea turtle boots, and alligator and crocodile leather boots and shoes. Exotic leathers give boots and shoes the wow factor men want, especially when they are out on the town or attending a special event where clothes and shoes are the calling cards of style and class.

Pigskin is another popular leather. But pigskin is thin, and the hides are smaller than other hides like alligator, crocodile, shark, and buffalo. Boot designers don’t use snake, lizard, crocodile, alligator, sea turtle and ostrich hides to make a full pair of shoes. Exotic hides work well as trim pieces or for the vamp or quarters, shaft, and foxing of boots.

Some boot makers make cowboy boots out of just alligator or python. Those hides must be thick enough to withstand the scratches, scuffs, cuts, and other marks that normal boot wearing causes. Reptile leather like sea turtle boots last longer. They are also easier to care for than other exotic leathers, but they are usually more expensive.

Boots, Shoes and Sneakers: Caring for Your Exotic Leathers

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Caring for a pair of exotic leather boots depends on the type of leather in the boot. Ostrich leather is strong, but it reacts to any kind of oil in a negative way. Oil-based cleaners and conditioners are not a good choice, but a soft brush, a damp cloth, and ostrich leather conditioner will work magic on ostrich leather.

A soft cotton cloth and a small brush are best for snakeskin and lizard boots. Stay away from water when cleaning those leathers and use a snakeskin conditioner. The conditioner will keep the boots looking new, longer.

Mens alligator shoes, crocodile and shark hides are tough, so caring for boots and shoes made from those leathers is the same as caring for a pair of cowhide boots or shoes. A damp cloth, saddle soap, and a reptile leather conditioner will clean the boots, and polish will give the boots the shine most boot wearers like.

Once sea turtle boots and other types of exotic boots are clean, storing them the right way is important. Folding or creasing exotic boots will damage the leather. Boots should hang in a closet. There are several ways to hang boots. Doing a little research on boot hanging, and keeping the boots clean, will help keep exotic boots looking new after years of wear.

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