Alligator Mall How To,White Boots Mens White Cowboy Boots and T-Shirts: Wearing White After Labor Day

Mens White Cowboy Boots and T-Shirts: Wearing White After Labor Day

Mens White Cowboy Boots and T-Shirts - Wearing White After Labor Day

At times, myths become rules. The myth that wearing white after Labor Day is a no-no is one of those rules.

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The same people who follow that rule believe summer ends on Labor Day, and we all know that is a myth. Wearing light colors, like white mens cowboy boots after Labor Day is okay, but the rule followers still have a hard time adjusting, especially if those people live in the South.

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Mens White Cowboy Boots Make a Bold Fashion Statement

Wearing a pair of mens white cowboy boots, and a white three-piece suit in an early December snowstorm is still not a good idea. Yet, there are ways to wear white and feel comfortable as well as fashionable, even in the winter. One way to pull off white is to wear a white sweater over a pinstriped shirt and under a dark sports coat. That touch of white gives the outfit the color it needs to make a statement. The shoes can be tan or dark brown, or an athletic-inspired casual in a dark color suede works, too.

White is Not Always White

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In today’s fabric world, white is not always white. There is cream, crème, eggshell, off–white, and natural, and they all pass for white as long as men feel it and call it a good look. Off-white is certainly a holiday color, but it’s not just okay for one winter month. It’s okay for all the winter months.

Wearing White After Labor Day

Off-white athletic-inspired shoes and white jeans are a great after Labor Day look if the shoes and the jeans compliment each other. In fact, the athletic shoe industry has done more to break down the stigma of wearing white in the winter months than any other fashion industry. Men wear touches of white in their athletic-inspired casual shoes during the cold months, and they don’t give a damn about the white wearing myth. In today’s anything-goes fashion world, white is a key color that puts individual fashion statements together.

Mens White Cowboy Boots

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Some Final Words on White

Do you wonder about wearing mens white cowboy boots and T-shirts after Labor Day? White cowboy boots, a white T-shirt and a pair of designer jeans is a year-round style staple look. Sure, the white cowboy boots are a bit of a stretch for some men, but remember, those boots don’t have to be bright white. They can be cream, eggshell, off-white or natural and still pass for white. Just like the myth about wearing white after Labor Day, calling all colors of white, not white, is okay too.

Mens White Cowboy Boots and T-Shirts - Wearing White After Labor Day

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