Alligator Mall Suede Shoes Mens Blue Suede Dress Shoes & Boots: Mastering Modern Materials

Mens Blue Suede Dress Shoes & Boots: Mastering Modern Materials

Mens Blue Suede Dress Shoes and Casual Boots - Mastering Modern Materials

Let’s not mince words. Mens blue suede dress shoes are the bomb.

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Suede shoes and boots rock with a pair of designer jeans and white V-neck, T-shirt. They look classy with a tan double-breasted suit. Some men wear a pair of brown suede shoes with a two-button blue suit. Wearing brown shoes with a blue, gray, or even black suit was taboo back in the day. Italians designers debunked that myth.

Mens Blue Suede Dress Shoes Rock the Fashion World

Confident Italian men are not afraid to wear white shorts, a blue Polo shirt, no socks and a pair of mens dress shoes or loafers. They don them when they go to the beach or for a casual day of shopping. Suede shoes are dope, and they are taking their rightful place in the fashion world.

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Elvis and His Blue Suede Shoes

In 1956, Elvis gave mens blue suede dress shoes the credit they deserve when he sang the Carl Perkins song, Blue Suede Shoes, on national television three times. Every young man in the country wanted to buy a pair, and it was game on. Yes, suede is leather, but suede shoes and boots are delicate.

Mens Blue Suede Dress Shoes

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Things Blue Suede Doesn’t Like

All suede is allergic to shoe polish, and water is suede’s kryptonite. Suede loafers and shoes are versatile, and according to some men, they are the perfect summer footwear. Keeping mens blue suede dress shoes and black suede boots looking like they just came out of the box can be a challenge. They are delicate, finicky, daring and bold at the same time.

To keep suede shoes and boots looking their best, it’s good to know where suede comes from. Suede comes from a hide of leather that gets split during the tanning process. Cowhide is thick, so it is split into various thicknesses to make shoes and clothing. The back side of the tanned leather is suede.

What Gives Suede Its Color?

The suede side of the hide is soft and pliable, and it can be thin or thick. Those qualities make it a suitable companion for shoes and boots, as well as for bags, pants, shirts and gloves. During the tanning process, mens blue suede dress shoes get the color that makes them so special. Suede shoes come in every color under the sun. A suede brush and an eraser should always be on hand to keep suede looking fresh.

Suede has open pores, and it can get dirty faster than a speeding bullet if men aren’t careful. Brushing suede gently removes the dirt. When you put a little power behind the brush, scuff marks go away. An eraser will get rid of the stubborn marks.

Mens shoes in blue, as well as yellow, red, purple, pink, and green suede shoes, are heavy-hitters in the shoe world and for good reason. They are the beautiful rebels of the fashion industry.

Mens Blue Suede Dress Shoes and Casual Boots - Mastering Modern Materials

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