Alligator Mall Exotic Leathers Hornback Shoes and Boots: Alligator and Crocodile Footwear Care

Hornback Shoes and Boots: Alligator and Crocodile Footwear Care

Hornback Shoes and Boots - Alligator and Crocodile Footwear Care

Alligators and crocodiles are like cows when it comes to shoemaking.

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Both animals have hides that make durable and attractive shoes and boots. Even though there are millions of alligators roaming around the swamplands, their hides are still worth a lot of money. The Hornback alligator is famous for giving shoe designers the material it needs to make alligator shoes and boots. But reptile skin is expensive compared to other leathers. Hornback shoes and boots are royalty, and they demand respect on big city streets.

Hornback Shoes and Boots are Back Big Time

Hornback shoes and boots are not the only exotic skin shoes that rings a bell in the minds of well-dressed men. Buffalo, kangaroo, snake, crocodile, ostrich, and even elephant hides can make a man empty his pockets when he sees a five eyelet lace up brogue in one of those leathers. Exotic leather shoes are back again after a few decades of anonymity.

Boot makers didn’t leave exotic leathers alone, but shoemakers did. The cost of a genuine gator or croc shoe can be four figures. The price and care that exotic leather shoes need cut a lot of men out of the shoe buying herd.

Cleaning Hornback Boots and Shoes

Cleaning exotic leather shoes and boots takes a little patience and a damp cloth. Using any kind of oil on ostrich or snake shoes and boots is the kiss of death for them. A soft cotton cloth and a soft brush are the best tools for cleaning exotic leather shoes. A conditioner made especially for alligator and crocodile shoes, as well as conditioners for other exotic leathers is the best way to keep exotic leather shoes looking new.

Shoe polish is not a friend and cold water isn’t either. A little warm water on a damp cloth is the best way to start the cleaning process. Be sure to rub gently and carefully to avoid causing damage.

Exotic Leather Shoe and Boot Tips

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Hornback Shoes

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Wearing a stylish men’s alligator shoe is a sign of status in many culture. These shoes are perfect for setting the new fashion goals.

Wearing alligator or any other exotic leather shoes is a sign of status in many cultures. Men who are not afraid to put on a pair of black alligator shoes and a navy zoot suit are a rare breed. And men who slip into a pair of ostrich and snake western boots know they are in great company. Those men know they are members of the exotic boot “Hall of Fame.”

Hornback shoes and boots make life and fashion adventuresome and daring for men. Hornback gator shoes are the pinnacle of shoe wearing for men who play hard and work harder. They are an investment that can bring a man’s outfit to a whole new level.

Hornback Shoes and Boots Alligator and Crocodile Footwear Care

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