Alligator Mall Exotic Leathers,Exotic Sneakers High Fashion Fiesso Shoes: Sensible Leather Footwear Shopping Tips for Men

High Fashion Fiesso Shoes: Sensible Leather Footwear Shopping Tips for Men

The men’s shoe industry is on fire. (Read More Below Products)

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Never in the history of men’s shoe buying has there been a time when men bought as many shoes as they buy today. Some research companies say the average man owns at least 12 pairs of shoes and boots. That’s way low, according to some men who live to buy the latest shoe fads. There are men who own 12 pairs of athletic shoes, 12 pairs of dress shoes and at least six pairs of boots. One of the top brands are those high fashion Fiesso shoes, so here are some shopping tips for men who always want to look great.

Fiesso Shoes


These exotic mens shoes are the perfect symbol of style,fashion and uniqueness. Lots of designs and colors are available.

Aurelio Garcia and Fiesso Shoes

The ability to buy the right shoes at the right price is an art. It takes patience and a keen sense of style. Fashion and style are not the same things. Once men realize the difference, they can find exotic shoes and boots that fit their personality. They can buy shoes from a shoe company that makes shoes that fit their lifestyle.

A good example is Fiesso Shoes. Fiesso shoe owner, Aurelio Garcia, has been in the shoe game since 1981. He designs exotic shoes and boots that are unique, and they fill a void in the market.

Exotic sneakers and boots are happening all over the world. Understanding different snake leathers and different types of alligator leathers takes some research. Not all alligator shoes are the same. American alligator shoes are the most expensive. Nile crocodile shoes come next, and caiman leather shoes and boots are the least expensive.

Python boots are in big demand, but not all snakeskin boots are real. There are some gnarly synthetic snake boots on the market. Don’t rush in, but instead, buy a pair after you check the source of the material. All shoes and boots must show the material content. The content information must be visible on the inside of the shoe or boot, or on the outsole.

Fiesso Believes Hand Sewn Boots and Shoes Make a Big Difference

Calfskin shoes and boots are at the top of the food chain in the cow leather category. American alligator reigns supreme in the exotic leather category. Ostrich, kangaroo and elephant leather boots are also in demand. Fiesso Shoes does a great job offering men exotic leather shoes and boots that are not for sale in typical shoe stores. Fiesso still produces hand-sewn boots and shoes.

There’s nothing better than a handmade, exotic leather pair of boots. Those boots will always be a footwear staple, and every man should own a pair in two or three other colors. Fiesso knows the ultimate reward for great shoemaking is repeat business. Look for a shoe company that takes pride in their finished product like Fiesso the next time you go shopping for exotic leather footwear.

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