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Fashionable Footwear: Mens Colored Shoes and More Must Haves

For years, men had a grand total of two pairs of dress shoes in their closet.

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Men wore a pair of brown lace-up wingtips to the office and a pair of black straight tips Bals to church on Sunday. Mens colored shoes, like sneakers didn’t count as shoes in those days. A pair of high-top or low-cut Converse All-Stars or a pair of white canvas Keds with the blue tab on the sole were weekend warriors, not dress shoes. The penny loafer did find a home in the closet of some men, but wearing a slip-on shoe was not dress shoe worthy.

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Modern Men Expect More Style in the Shoe Department

Modern men aren’t misguided lumbering clods. In fact, most men don’t dress like they are blind in one eye and can’t see out the other eye. Men are fashion geeks today, and most men have at least 12 pairs of shoes in their closet. And those shoes are not just brown and black clodhoppers. They are stylish representatives of their owner’s personality and interests. Mens colored shoes are in vogue. Almost any color goes in this age of vibrant and sometimes exaggerated expressions.

Breaking down those 12 pairs of shoes depends on the man, his location and how he perceives himself. It is safe to say that one of those dozen pairs will be a tan wingtip Blucher with a pointed or square toe and welted lug sole. The wingtip’s running mate is the black calfskin straight tip Bal with the perforated toe cap and leather sole.

That is where the similarities between the men of the 1960s and the men of the 21st-century end. The next shoe in the well-dressed man’s closet is the twin gore, Italian tan calfskin, pull-on Chelsea boot with a chisel toe and thick leather sole.

Which Mens Colored Shoes Should You Add to Your Wardrobe?

Men have just as many shoe choices as women do these days. Filling your closet with a number of style choices can help expand your wardrobe, too. And things really get interesting when men pull out their hound dog taupe colored desert boots, or their eight eyelet, Timberland yellow Nubuck work boots on a gum colored lug sole. The plain toe derby sitting in the closet in a rich burgundy, and thick black EVA sole is not the grandfather brogue of yesteryear either. The polished red penny loafers with the pointed toe and extended welt sole is a far cry from the college dudes that made them famous.

What About Mens Sneakers?

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The good news is sneakers, especially technical sneakers, are now dress shoes in the eyes of fashionistas. Even the basic, understated sneakers in royal blue, green and yellow are dressy sole mates these days. Blue and black throwback sneakers in the closet are classics. They fit most occasions that don’t call for a tux. In addition, blue, green, yellow and beige espadrilles are the new flip-flop for men. And finally, those Ugg tan or red moccasins with fleece lining make perfect house shoes.

Picking the right mens exotic skin sneakers is a matter of being style conscious. If a man is knows what good taste is, his color choices will be appropriate for any occasion. Most modern men want to look good, but feel comfortable in his shoes.

Men have more choices nowadays, so feel free to experiment with style. Mens colored shoes are gaining in popularity, and they are here to stay. So, have fun and slip on a pair of colored sneakers, boots or shoes that complement your outfit.

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