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Reality Check: How to Find Quality Mens Caiman Boots

Finding the right pair of mens caiman boots can be a challenge. (Read More Below)

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How can you tell what kind of gator skin is in the boots, or if they are really gator skin at all? There are some great gator prints on the market, but if you jump into the boot-buying process without the right information, you might end up paying too much for a boot that doesn’t meet your expectations. If you are confused, here are a few ways to identify what kind of alligator is in those expensive boots. After all, celebrities look like a million bucks in quality gator skin boots and you can, too.

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Three Types of Gator Skins

If you want to own a pair of genuine gator boots, do a little homework on gator skins before you go shopping. The first thing to know is boot makers use these three types of gator skins to make quality boots:

  • American Alligator: Most expensive boots of all gator skins, because it is soft and flexible without tiny blemishes and pock marks on the scales or tiles.
  • Nile Crocodile: A middle price point for exotic skin boots, it is soft and supple.
  • South American Caiman: Most popular because they are the least expensive boots in the genuine gator skin boot category, yet they are a bit more rigid than the rest.

How to Tell If You Have Mens Caiman Boots or Not

Shoe manufacturers also use printed leather and synthetic leather to make a price conscious version of real skin boots. Even when men know the small differences in gator leather, there can still be mud in the water in terms of identifying those differences. Here’s a few tips to help make it easier:

  • Look for a Hornback design. If boots have the back skin of an alligator or crocodile, then the Hornback design of the animal is obvious.
  • Think about price point. The price sets these three exotic boots apart, but if they’re synthetic, it will be unrealistically lower.
  • Reject perfection in the scales. Identifying the irregularities in genuine scales can be a tedious process, but identifying a leather with an alligator print is easier to identify. Most synthetic or printed leathers have tiles that are perfect. They are uniform, and they don’t show the natural irregularities in real gator skins.
  • Gaze upon a star. Alligator skins have an umbilical scar in the shape of a star. Alligators are the only animals that have that marking. That scar is never present in printed leather or in synthetic alligator boots.
  • Search for small pores. Tiny pores are present in crocodile leather due to a loss of sensitive hair during the tanning process. Those pores are hard to duplicate in embossed leather or in synthetic skin boots.

If you want a real gator skin boot, try to find good quality mens caiman boots that fit your style and budget. Caiman boots will give you what you’re looking for at a reasonable price. Do your homework to make sure you don’t mistake your real alligator shoes and gator skin boots for a fake reproduction.

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