Alligator Mall Brown Boots,Exotic Leathers,How To Cuadra Boots for Men: The Three C’s of Maintaining Your Footwear

Cuadra Boots for Men: The Three C’s of Maintaining Your Footwear

Cuadra Boots for Men - The Three C’s of Maintaining Your Footwear

Exotic leather shoes are a symbol of status. All shoes and boots tell a story – a personal story.

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Great style starts with a great pair of shoes or boots, like Cuadra boots for men. A sense of opulence surrounds men who wear exotic leather boots. They are confident, self-aware, and able to cross fashion lines to make their own fashion statement.

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Exotic leather shoes and boots enhance a man’s personal image, and the world takes notice. Great men know being well-dressed starts at their feet. Owning and caring for a pair of great leather shoes is a responsibility. Those leather shoes have to look as new as they were when they came out of the box. That means the leather must get a royal treatment in the form of the three C’s: care, clean and condition.

Why Cuadra Boots for Men?

All leather has dignity and honor. A dirty pair of boots or a scuffed pair of shoes. No man wearing a pair of nasty boots, except for maybe John Wayne, is a crowd favorite. Companies like Cuadra Boots for men go out of their way to help men care, clean, and condition their boots before and after they wear them.

Not all leather is polishable. Cow, kidskin, calf, and finished pigskin will hold polish, but alligator, crocodile and caiman, Python, and other animal skin boots and shoes are allergic to polish. Exotic leathers need babying. A damp cloth, a small brush as well as exotic leather conditioner is the key to keeping exotic boots looking like a million bucks.

Exotic Boots and the Weather

Cuadra Boots

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But it’s not just the three “Cs” that make exotic leather boots keep their mojo. The trick is to think of exotic boots in the same way you think of an Armani suit. They are delicate, and they don’t need to show their strength in the rain or mud. When it rains, wear a pair of weather-treated shoes. When it snows, keep exotic leather boots in your closet. Exotic boots are rock stars that need attention and tender loving care.

Cuadra boots for men (mens cowboy boots) has a diverse product line that appeals to men who like the feel of well-made urban, sport, and western exotic boots and shoes. Cuadra makes boots that withstand the test of time when they are treated in the right way. Not all exotic leather boot makers take the time to show men how to wear and care for their leather footwear, but Cuadra does, and the company does that through example.

Cuadra Boots for Men - The Three C’s of Maintaining Your Footwear

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