Alligator Mall Exotic Leathers,Motorcycle / Biker Boots Crocodile Motorcycle Boots and Exotic Leather: Dispelling the Myths

Crocodile Motorcycle Boots and Exotic Leather: Dispelling the Myths

Crocodile Motorcycle Boots and Exotic Leather Dispelling the Myths

Most people know the old myths about wearing one biker boot style instead of another are disappearing.

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First of all, the signature black jacket and vest are now high-tech black jackets and vests. Most of all, one of the most exciting new elements in the biker dress code is the appearance of crocodile motorcycle boots. Furthermore, crocodiles are off the endangered species list. However, the boot industry follows the law when farming them for exotic leather.

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It seems like music videos are keeping the biker dress code alive. While the biker code is an unwritten epitaph, there are silent rules and casual gestures that conform to the biker’s code. Thus, there are jackets, vests, pants and mens boots in sync with the code. Although this unwritten code is still in force, men who ride bikes today add elements that resonate with the times.

Crocodile Motorcycle Boots and Exotic Leather Myths and Misnomers

Crocodile Motorcycle Boots

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There are plenty of myths about exotic skin boots. Those myths are part of the aura that surrounds the world of biking. The fashion industry doesn’t harvest crocodile skins illegally. In addition, ostrich skin harvesting is not part of normal poaching activity. Python skins come from legal snake hunting.

Even sea turtle skins are not part of a biker bootmaker’s list of legal materials. While all exotic boot styles conform to exotic skin hunting laws, some people think they don’t. So, it’s okay to satisfy your urge to wear a crocodile motorcycle boot, even if you don’t ride a bike. It is a natural reaction to want them when you see a pair on a biker who knows how to dress when hitting the road. A crocodile boot in blue, red, yellow or purple makes a serious impression on people who don’t understand the new elements of the biker code.

Biker boots in colors bring out the modern day Easy Rider spirit in men. They channel the 1970’s Meatloaf song, Bat Out of Hell. That track is part of motorcycle music history. Music, crazy bike riding, and badass boots are part of the DNA of today’s modern chopper enthusiasts.

This is the age to dispel the old myths and embrace a new biker code. It is the age to wear a crocodile motorcycle boot with a high-tech helmet and updated safety gear. And this is the age to accept exotic leather boot styles and mens alligator shoes for what they are. They are the way to make a fashion statement with a long shelf life in the world of biking.



Crocodile Motorcycle Boots and Exotic Leather Dispelling the Myths

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