Alligator Mall Black Boots,How To Timeless Quality: Caring for Black Crocodile Boots and Accessories

Timeless Quality: Caring for Black Crocodile Boots and Accessories

Timeless Quality - Caring for Black Crocodile Boots and Accessories

Willie Nelson wears a pair. Jewel wears the women’s version, and other stars, politicians and boot lovers wear them, too.

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Brown or Black crocodile boots are always in fashion, but most people wear them because they fit their personal style statement. Tanning crocodile skin to use in boots and accessories makes them rock stars of the fashion world.

Why Choose Crocodile Leather?

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Sure, alligators give crocodiles some stiff competition in the fashion world. Alligator shoes, boots and accessories are popular. Caiman skin is also a noble competitor. But crocodiles are one of the oldest living species. Their skin has given humans the ability to protect themselves from the elements, especially when humans were almost as primitive as crocodiles. But there is nothing primitive about owning a pair of black crocodile boots or shoes these days. Black crocodile boots and shoes exude quality, workmanship and individuality.
Buying a pair of crocodile boots requires a degree of responsibility. Crocodile boots and accessories are high-end fashion items, but they need attention. Men and women who buy crocodile boots may not realize they need a cool, dry place to live when they are not on the feet. A shoe closet is the best spot for them. If you own a crocodile jacket or belt, never put it in a drawer. This is because of the calcium deposits in the skin. Be sure to hang your crocodile jackets in a closet. Crocodile belts should hang by their buckles in a closet.

How to Clean Brown or Black Crocodile Boots

Black Crocodile Boots

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Caring for brown or black crocodile boots, shoes and accessories requires careful cleaning. Wiping down crocodile skin is a delicate process. The first rule when cleaning crocodile products is to keep them dry. Even though they live in it, water is not a friend of black crocodile boots. Too much water damages the finish on crocodile leather.

If crocodile leather gets wet, a soft towel should be the first thing to touch the wet leather. The towel will soak up most of the moisture, and then the leather should be hand-dried. Forget about drying the crocodile leather in the sun or using another heat source. Heat will discolor the leather and make it crack.

When the leather is dry, applying a conditioner made for treating crocodile leather must the next step. If black crocodile boots are dirty, dusty, or have other contaminants on them, a dry cloth will remove the excess debris, and a damp cloth will remove fine sand and dirt particles. A special crocodile boot conditioner will complete the job. When crocodile boots and accessories have the right care, they will last for years. The older the boots get, the better they fit and act in public. Just ask Willie Nelson. He knows what an old pair of crocodile boots can do on stage.

Timeless Quality - Caring for Black Crocodile Boots and Accessories

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