Alligator Mall Blue Boots,How To Blue Ostrich Boots for Urban Cowboys: Western Style Tips for City Slickers

Blue Ostrich Boots for Urban Cowboys: Western Style Tips for City Slickers

Blue Ostrich Boots for Urban Cowboys - Western Style Tips for City Slickers

Urban Cowboy, the 1980 movie starring John Travolta and Debra Winger, set the mood for a city slicker transformation.

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Men in big cities around the country wanted to ride a mechanical bull and listen to Mickey Gilley, Charlie Daniels and Bonnie Raitt. Country music was on fire back then. Urban cowboys went for black, brown and blue ostrich boots. They also loved wearing jeans, white T-shirts, and 10-gallon hats.

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Men who never thought about wearing a pair of brown, black or blue ostrich boots were showing up in New York City clubs looking like they just rode in from the range. 1980 was the year western fashion got a healthy dose of credibility from the clothing industry. But it’s not easy to dress western. Pulling it off without looking like a city dude in a Halloween costume can be a challenge.

Blue Ostrich Boots and Beyond: Western Fashions are Runway Worthy

To get a great GQ rating, men must shake off their city mentality and channel Sam Elliot’s horseshoe mustache. Thinking about how to wear western clothes is the first step. Ralph Lauren makes western fashion runway worthy. It’s a good idea to look at how his designers put outfits together and then pick the styles that work for you.

Jean Jackets and Leather Belts

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In other words, if a short jean jacket or vest feels right, go for it. And if a plaid shirt or a no-collar shirt looks like it belongs in your closet, buy both. All men own a pair of jeans, but western jeans are the jeans that fit snug in the crotch and legs. They are also tight around the ankle. A leather belt with an oversized silver buckle can make those badass jeans look saddle worthy, even if you are walking down 6th Avenue in New York.

Blue Ostrich Boots

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Making Your Own Western Fashion Statement

A red bandana around your neck is a little over the top for some men. But if you stuff that bad boy in your back pocket, the bandana can come in handy if you need a distraction while making a point during a conversation. Western style is all about being chill. So, if you’re wearing a pair of blue ostrich boots in the middle of downtown Chicago, have no fear. The people that watch you strut to the beat of your own western fashion statement know you got what it takes to look dope in any situation. Find these and more great deals on mens alligator shoes by shopping our online store.

Blue Ostrich Boots for Urban Cowboys - Western Style Tips for City Slickers

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