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Black Tie Affair: Styling Tips for Mens Tuxedo Shoes and Accessories

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Accepting an invitation to a black-tie affair can be stressful. (More Below…)

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Understanding the long-established etiquette rules when it comes to formal events is not in the man code. But the fact is, formal events are part of every man’s life at some point. Most men get through school without wearing a tuxedo. There weren’t any tuxedo wearing classes in school, but the tuxedo conversation probably did come up around prom time. If you are confused about rocking the black tie affair, here are some styling tips for mens tuxedo shoes and other accessories.

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How Mens Tuxedo Shoes Can Pull Your Look Together

Black tie affairs can be fun. Those events are stages for individual style expression. A tuxedo that fits the right way and has all the right accessories is truly a work of art. Important elements in that art form are mens tuxedo shoes. Tuxedo shoes bring the essence of the tuxedo together.

Another important accessory is the tie. Learning to tie a bow tie is important, even though long ties are acceptable replacements for the bow tie these days. The style of the tuxedo is also relevant.

Tall or Short: What Type of Tux?

If you’re short, stay away from the double-breasted tux. If you’re tall, buy a two or three-button tux without the shawl lapel. A peak lapel tux is best for short and tall men. Don’t forget the vest if you want to go the extra distance.

A cummerbund is always a good idea, and so is a pocket square, instead of a boutonniere. A white stiff collar shirt with cuff links is the way to go with a bow tie, but some men like the white fold down collar shirt and long tie look. The good news is, no matter your size, shape or age, mens tuxedo shoes look great on everybody.

Patent Leather or Velvet: Picking Black Tuxedo Shoe Materials

Those basic details are not as hard as picking the right mens tuxedo shoes. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to wearing shoes that complement a tuxedo. The old school tuxedo wearers always wore a pair of black patent leather lace-up brogues with a tux. Men who want to show class, wear black velvet slip-ons to a black tie event.

Those choices are still okay, but a well-polished pair of black, pointed toe oxfords is what’s happening in the mens tuxedo shoe world these days. A pair of black calf suede slip-ons with a tassel will be just as charming and classy as a pair of velvet bedroom shoes with any style tuxedo.

The key to wearing mens tuxedo shoes is to not overreact. Buying a pair of shoes, you will only wear once or twice is not a good idea. You should buy a versatile shoe (like mens alligator shoes) that works for business and for a black tie affair. The trick is to stay true to yourself and listen to your inner styling voice.

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