Alligator Mall Black Boots Black Alligator Boots: Can They Compete with Black Crocodile Leather?

Black Alligator Boots: Can They Compete with Black Crocodile Leather?

Black Alligator Boots - Can They Compete with Black Crocodile Leather

It is a fact that alligator and crocodile leather is always in demand.

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Because of the colors, texture, patterns and diversity that naturally exists in crocodile and alligator leather, this gives shoes, boots, and accessories high-end appeal. But, not everyone can afford black alligator boots and shoes.

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In fact, black crocodile leather is an attractive alternative. For people who have the money, alligator leather is a work of art, and black alligator boots are so durable, you keep them in your wardrobe for years.

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Why Choose Black Alligator Boots? 

The reality is, black alligator boots are exotic, exclusive and always good looking. Because alligator boots are so attractive, they can silently tell the world the wearer is selective, but there has always been a quiet debate about the quality, versatility and durability of alligator and crocodile leather. Also, there is an ongoing argument about alligator leather being more durable than crocodile leather when it comes to shoe making.

So, the question is, alligator or crocodile? Is alligator better than crocodile leather? In fact, if price was the only measuring stick, alligator leather would win, but there are other things to consider.

Black Alligator Boots

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We all know that alligator and crocodile leather is always in demand. There is no other option for Cowboy boots for men when it comes to Boldness.

Alligators and Crocodiles are Two Different Animals

Even though both species belong to the same reptilian order, alligators and crocodiles are two different animals. Believe it or not, there is a hierarchy in the alligator and crocodile leather world. So, sitting on top of that hierarchy is American alligator leather and next on the list is saltwater crocodile leather.  Then freshwater crocodile leather is number three on the list. Lastly, rounding out the top four types of leather is caiman crocodile leather.

Most importantly, identifying the difference in these leathers is key. This is especially true because a pair of black alligator boots or any other type of exotic leather usually has a four-digit price tag. However, one main difference between alligator and crocodile leather is the umbilical scar that is present in both types of leather. The point is, in alligators, the umbilical scar looks like an elongated webbed pattern.

This umbilical scar is recognizable between the rectangular tiles of the leather. In contrast, the crocodile umbilical scar is not as elaborate. Additionally, the natural scars in the rectangular tiles give alligator leather a more distinct and desirable look. So, boot buyers who do their homework on alligator and crocodile leather know how strong and beautiful it is.

Even so, there are people who say black alligator boots are as good as, or better than, crocodile boots. But other people, like Willie Nelson only wear crocodile boots. Obviously, the answer to the question rests with the boot buyer. But, with any type of exotic leather, people know what to expect when they slip a pair of exotic boots or shoes on their feet. However, both types of leather need a little breaking in and care. So, the answer is, no matter what you choose, they will both perform up to your expectations.

Black Alligator Boots - Can They Compete with Black Crocodile Leather

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